On December 9th, 1995 Carla's debut album "Every Secret of My Heart" was released. The songs range in style from country ballad to up-beat Praise & Worship.

We are trying to get distribution for "Every Secret Of My Heart" throughout the US, but as you know, that is kind of difficult. In the event that this does not happen you can order the CD or cassette directly from us. Just email us and we'll tell you where to send a check or money order made payable to Carla Payne for:

  • $10.00 for CDs
  • $6.00 for Cassettes

  • plus $2.00 s/h, $1.00 for each additional copy

In the meantime, send us some email telling us what you think of the web page, song samples, or just what the weather is like where you live. If you find yourself in sunny Central Florida, make sure you call 91.9 FM WSCF and 106.3 FM WCIF and request a song by Carla.

The album track listing is as follows:

  • Awesome Are Thy Works 4:08
  • Every Secret of My Heart 4:27
  • Come Harvest Time 3:43
  • Heavenly Places 3:42
  • Through the Veil 3:24
  • Jesus Reigns 3:32
  • A Few Choice Words 4:14 (First Single)
  • Heaven Waits 4:20
  • He Is Strong Enough 5:10
  • Benediction 2:12

Here is a breakdown of the album events in reverse chronological order:

  • If you haven't noticed, Carla's concert schedule has slowed a bit due to the fact that Carla... is pregnant! That's right, folks. We are expecting our new bundle of joy at the end of June. We're so excited about our first child that we just had to put the news on the web page. ;^)
  • From September 13-16, 1996, Carla participated in a spirit-filled concert weekend in Rhode Island and Connecticut. She had such a great time.
    "Getting to meet and worship with more of God's people is such a blessing to me", says Carla. "I could definitely do concerts like this more often".
    If you are interested in having Carla come to your area, write or email us and let us know.
  • Carla is getting radio airplay in Central Florida!!! "Heaven Waits" and "Jesus Reigns" are both in rotation at WCIF. If you're in the area, call them up and request your favorite.
  • THEY'RE HERE!!! See the home page for ordering details.
  • Due to circumstances way beyond our control, the release date has had to slip a little over a month to December 9, 1995. The Christmas rush to make CDs has pushed us a bit. There is a good chance, though, that we'll have the CDs and tapes in hand before then. Don't be hesitant about asking.
  • Mixdown is complete. Mastering is complete. Graphics are near complete.
  • Hurricane Erin blows through and we're spared a lot of damage.
  • Release date set for December 9, 1995.
  • Vocal tracks started recording on 8/03/95.
  • 10 Songs have been selected for the album. See the album track listing.
  • Greg X Volz on board to produce Carla's album.
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